Dear Friends of Dicapo Opera Theatre,

After 33 years of continuous operation, the time has come to disband Dicapo Opera Theatre. When we began our journey in 1981, no one would have dreamed that our intrepid little company would have lasted for over three decades, or that it would have left such a mark.

I want to thank the many people who contributed their time, talents, and efforts to make this company the vibrant community it has been. First, thank you to my co-founder, mentor, partner, and life-long friend Diane Martindale. Without you Dicapo would have never come to be. To the seasoned performers who lent their big reputations to a small company; the young, ambitious artists looking for a break into the business; the directors, designers, crews, and staff, I can never thank you enough. Thank you to the parish and administration of St. Jean’s for providing us with a home, to all of our donors who kept us going throughout the years, and to the volunteers who gave their time and efforts so generously. And, most of all, thank you to the heart of our company, our loyal audience.

As you know, Dicapo never achieved the type of financial stability that I so desperately sought for the company, but I can assure you that, as part of the wind-down, we will do our best to attempt to provide something to those of you who remain creditors of Dicapo. As we move ahead with the wind-down process, we will provide you with periodic updates regarding Dicapo’s ability to do so in this regard.

One of my life’s proudest achievements is the design and construction of the Dicapo Theater and I am comforted that it will remain as a performing venue even after the company for which it was created passes into memory. May it house great nights of theater for many years to come.


Michael Capasso, General Director